Personalized Soul Activation & Transformation Sessions... A New Paradigm for Life Coaching

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Soul Activation & Transformation (SAT®))...Living a Joyful and Abundant Life

Kate Beloved has helped many discover their joy and abundance through the process of Soul Activation and Transformation (SAT®).

As one walks the path through life, growing and maturing physically, emotionally, and psychologically, hopefully one's spiritual life will widen also. Many have found "traditional" spiritual tools not quite enough when dealing with everyday issues in today's world. By utilizing the training learned earlier in their lives, they have neither received success in experiencing Serenity or Joy nor have they found lasting well-being or a connection to a larger or deeper sense of "All That Is."

As a Soul Activation & Transformation Facilitator®, who is guided by an Angelic Presence, Beloved assists others, regardless of their spiritual path, with the same intention …to discover their Joy, understand Grace and Abundance are their natural states, integrate mind/body/spirit and follow their own path to spiritual awakening and true connection to the living Divine, however they understands it, Mother/Father, Beloved Friend, God/Goddess. The Creator, Spirit, Universe or Source. More

Phone Consultations
Single Session - $150
4 Sessions - $350 (Sessions Must Occur Within 6 weeks)
6 Sessions - $500 (Sessions Must Occur Within 8 Weeks)
Kate Beloved Also Offers A 3-Month Phone Intensive.

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