Sound As A Powerful Tool for Transformation

One of the earliest healing tools, Sound is again being recognized for its transformative properties.

As a Sound Alchemist, Beloved offers Soul Activations through Sacred Sound using Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls, Toning/Vocal Harmonics, Native Flute, Xylophones and Transmissions and Messages from the Heart of the Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm.

Soul Activation through Sacred Sound

Beloved’s Soul Activations® are powerful experiences that take place in sacred space, surrounded by loving angels, archangels, ascended masters and guides and teachers.

Through the layered sound frequencies of her Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Toning/Vocal Harmonics and Transmissions From the Heart of the Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm, Beloved brings you deep into your SoulHeart as she takes you on a delicious journey connecting Earth and Cosmos!

As you lay on your mat beneath your blanket, connecting to the sound of your breath, Beloved invites you to let go of the mundane world, surrender and receive. While she plays and tones, bio sonic sine waves vibrate every cell of your body into perfect harmonic resonance, bathing you in sound, opening you to receive the new frequencies coming in as you are once again re-connected to your SoulHeart and the true magnificence of your being!

Each experience is different though one thing though one thing remains constant ~ You receivs EXACTLY what is needed in that very special moment!

For Your Personal Journey
Beloved also offers personalized Soul Activations through Sacred Sound, Angel Messages and Readings.

Tantric Moon
Beloved records with Tantric Moon. Their CD, Wind on Water, is now available. For Information of Tantric Moon's Wind On Water CD contact Beloved. To listen click Here

House Concerts
Looking for a great way to experience a concert outside the box? How about hosting a Beloved House Concert?

To Book Beloved for a Concert, House Concert or Soul Activation e-mail. Please put Booking in the subject line.

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