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Wind on Water is a powerful vibrational energy experience combining the unique sounds of experimental guitarist, Arjuna Barton’s “adventure music for the strong of mind and the open of heart”, and the sacred sounds of Beloved on her Alchemical Crystal bowls. Playing her sacred Gemstone Alchemy Crystal Bowls as a continuous undercurrent, Beloved connects us to Earth and Cosmos, transmitting the ancient wisdom and healing properties of Gemstone Crystals & Elements. These unique bowls attune the bio-sonic sine waves as they vibrate each and every cell of our bodies into perfect harmonic resonance bringing us into higher vibration and expanded awareness.

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...An easy to follow step-by-step guide to increase prosperity and abundance in your life. What makes this book different from so many others is the deep connection between Kate Beloved and the Angelic Realm, particularly Archangel Ariel. Together Beloved and Ariel share with you an understanding of a Universe that accepts the reality of angels as longtime, intimate friends assisting us in creating the lives we want.

Don't believe you have angels helping you live a life rich with great love, vibrant health and opulent wealth? Listen to Beloved for a moment and you'll come away absolutely convinced that this world is vested with a whole host of angelic beings just waiting to help you attract all the wonders you've ever dreamed of having. And all you have to do to receive their help is to ask for it.

"Oh yes," says Kate Beloved, "everyone has an angel. They are here to help us live the most fabulous life imagineable. I've been working with my angel Ariel for years and it's such a delight for me to teach others about angels and how to play with theirs!"

Beloved is what you might call a spiritual tool lady. What makes her effective is the fact that she has the right toools. When something goes wrong in our lives, most of us try to crudely patch it up with a primitive hammer or rusty saw, doing the best we can with what we have. Not Beloved. she is the Tool Time Lady of the spiritual world. She has the power tools.

What are the power tools? Power tools are the knowledge of life's rulebook. According to Beloved, God sent us down to Earth to live joyful, abundant, prosperous lives. When our lives are not joyful, it is because we are forgetting about the rulebook, the certain universal laws that govern our lives.

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